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Who We Are

Who We Are

Pest Management Division was conceived at the turn of the new millennium, aimed at establishing itself as a renowned force in the provision of specialised pest management services. Through the enthusiasm and hard work of our dedicated team of professionals, PESTGROUP strive to achieve this reputation by focusing our efforts on providing the highest standard of custom-design integrated pest management services.

PESTGROUP has the experience in working with a wide range of Clients; each custom -design service packages created to individual specific needs. It’s partners in business (clients) include proud home owners, successful offices, prestigious corporations, efficient factories, famous fast-food outlets and restaurants, higher institution of learning, decent hotels … and more

At PESTGROUP, we believe that we have several advantages over our competitors.

  • PESTGROUP offers solutions to pests problem providing peace of mind
  • PESTGROUP are entirely flexible in design; integrating advance pest control technologies using latest equipment in combination with non-chemical treatment to achieve maximum effectiveness of our custom-design service programs
  • PESTGROUP values its clients as partners in business and expense its expertise in consistently working towards the protection of the environment, health and property in a careful and caring manner – a symbol of We Care !
  • PESTGROUP pledges to delight its clients with its highest standard of service consistently at an equitable premium. Its quality of service is second to none and by service, we progress.

We at PESTGROUP know that if our clients are to trust us with their pest control requirements, we will need to convince them of our professionalism and commitment to quality service.

The growth of our company, has been both aggressive and impressive supported by our loyal and dedicated staff and delighted clients. One of our objectives is to provide the highest quality of service (second to none) at an equitable price. To this end, substantial investment in a dedicated and well-trained staff force has been and will continue to be made together with acquisition of “state of the art” technology.

Our strength is in having qualified professional surveyors to conduct meticulous surveys and evaluations to come up with treatment protocols custom-designed to suit individual clients at an equitable premium. Our team of well-trained service personnel complemented by our technical support team will execute our professional and specialized treatments. Our planning unit will coordinate implementation of our custom-design service packages where quality of work will be assured and continuously monitored.

PESTGROUP is structured in a way that reflects the professional and specialist nature of our business. Our pest management division is handled by four inter-related units focused on the same objectives where each individual client (partners in business) is assured of our attention in a caring manner.

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