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Soil & Corrective Treatment

Post-Construction Soil Treatment

Post-Construction treatment is widely apply to the building structure or at the beginning of the construction stage through injecting termiticide chemical between ground slab and the column of the building. The objective of this treatment is “FORM A CHEMICAL BARRIER(ANTI-TERMITE PASSING THROUGH ZONE).”

Therefore, the treatment is effective method of eradication overall control against termite during the course construction.

Treatment Method :-

Step 1 : Drilling with holes. The holes are drilled just over 150mm from the vertical wall and holes are spaced 2 feet apart. Where it is impossible to trench on the outside of the foundation wall due to a concrete or other solid covering, then those will be drilled also.

Step 2 : Termiticide is then injected into the holes at the rate of 5 litres per hole.

Step 3 : After injection, the drilled holes will be filled with cement to match the general appearance of the original surface.

Pre-Construction Soil Treatment

Pre-Construction treatment is commonly used at the beginning of the construction stage through spraying anti-termite chemical on the soil. This method give the building better protection againt termite intrusion. The origin of the subterranean termite started in ground soil and slowly spread through the building which mostly infest ceiling, roof rafter, window door frame, garden’s branch, wall panel, timber floor, cabinet.

Treatment method:

Step 1: Spray to drench soil surface at the correct concentration for every meter before concreting work take part.

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