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Baiting System – Exterminex

Preferred By Professionals, Preferred By Termites

Exterminex is the most attractive termite bait available, containing highly refined most preferred physical form of alpha cellulose matrix, bait fortified with alluring compounds and feeding stimulant.
Attractiveness – Subterranean termites do not show reluctance or hesitation on Exterminex. Termites will find their way into the Exterminex bait station instead of foraging on the existing food source (infested property structure or wood source).
Palatability – Once termites start feeding on Exterminex, they will not be able to resist.
Long Term Solution – Exterminex provides a quality, durable proven termite baiting and monitoring system that complies with AS 3660 to protect your clients most valuable asset with no site fees.
Exterminex Baiting System is Rapid Timber Secure Approved for $100,000 Cover to Australian Rapid Insurance Customers.

Exterminex Baiting System

Exterminex termite baiting system offers two types of systems, namely above ground baiting system and in-ground baiting system. The objective of termite baiting is to place a food source that contains toxicant. Foraging termites that find the baits will consume and share the food containing the toxicant with its nest mates including the Queen and the King through a process called trophallaxis. Elimination process may require approximately 2 to 12 weeks depending on the size of the colony, typically between 6 to 8 weeks.

In-Ground System (IG)

An in-ground baiting system is typically installed in-ground surrounding a building every 3 meters. It acts as a monitoring station and also a point where once termites are intercepted. Once termites are intercepted, the bait containing the active ingredient will be placed in the monitoring station to eliminate the colony.

Above Ground System (AG)

An above ground baiting system typically delivers bait with toxicant directly to the termite trails from exposed mud trail above ground, i.e. on walls, ceilings, trees, and furniture etc. An above ground station is used to treat termites if identified in a building. Once the colony has been eradicated the above-ground stations are removed and the in-ground system installed and used as an early warning for a future attack.

Termites feeding on Exterminex bait, 15 days after installation. Bait station need to be replenished with fresh bait. Total colony elimination will be achieved within 5-8 weeks.

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