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Offshore & Vessel Fumigation


Pest present actively affect the offshore and vessel during the sourcing or drilling petroleum activities. There are many different types of pest problems occurred negatively impacting humans and the human environment but it is an area that is often overlooked until a problem is discovered. Main problems associated with pests infestation on offshore gas and oil rigs, and offshore support vessels are:

  • Bacteria causing food contamination.
  • Structural damage.
  • Health problems and diseases transmitted to personnel.

Our Integrated Offshore Pest Control and Fumigation system are a combination of procedures where all available means, whether physical, chemical or biological, are used together to combat a pest or to design a strategic control and prevention plan for gas/oil rigs and maintenance and support vessels.

This system is an evolution from traditional pest control strategies. It is a process based on technology which limits the use of chemicals when and where possible. Our INTEGRATED PEST CONTROL follows the premises of:

  • Identification of the target pest or pests.
  • Knowledge of their location in the facility and population density, as well as biology and life habits.
  • Determination the degree of incidence or infestation.
  • Placement of monitoring systems.
  • Complementary cleaning program.

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