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Customer Care

Customer Care!

Perfect Team

The evolution of PEST is a carefully controlled process that is governed by the requirements of our clients. The services we provide are market led and as diverse as the customer dictates.

Promises of an efficient, cost effective service are easy to make but what really matters is the quality of service that our clients receive. Because the majority of PEST business is conducted and delivered at its clients´ premises, it is more important that we are competent and effective in what we do … the environment, our clients’ property and health depends upon it.

Whatever the pest control requirements, PEST personnel have at its disposal the means to respond and react quickly and effectively. You can be assured that your pests problem will be dealt with in such a way that inconvenience and anxiety are reduced to an acceptable minimum.

Quality Assurance - We Care

Worthiness Our diversified range of clientele is testimonial to our quality service pledge … We Care. PEST is a different kind of pest control company. PEST is, in fact unique … providing not just solution to pests problem, but more valuable services.
Effectiveness We are committed to delivering the highest possible level of service, maintained through our custom-design service packages where concerted effort is consistently made to measure our performance against the very high standards that we set ourselves.
Courtesy Our philosophy is very much one of partnership with our clients. We will be courteous and sensitive to our clients’ requirements, we have the flexibility and determination to provide them with custom-design packages exactly suited to their needs.
Advice We believe in sharing information with our clients to keep them constantly appraised. We consider it essential that our clients are kept fully informed so that the effectiveness of each custom-designed packages can be carefully monitored.
Response Our philosophy and structure are geared to the needs and requirements of our clients and our management style results in a fast and efficient response to our clients needs. We are small enough to be adaptable and creative but large enough to give unparalleled satisfaction.
Enthusiasm Our professional team of pest management specialists will be happy to delight you with our professional environmental services treat.

Our Skills
Pest Control - Ant 95%
Pest Control - Bee 100%
Pest Control - Cockroach 100%
Pest Control - Bird 98%
Pest Control - Flea 98%
Pest Control - Flie 89%
Pest Control - Mouquito 100%
Pest Control - Rodent 87%
Pest Control - Snack 66%
Pest Control - Termite 100%

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